Mental Health And Insurance

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Mental Health And Insurance
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Health insurance in the UK often does not include mental disorder in the coverage. Mental disabilities like schizophrenia, depression and dementia may have long-term effects on people who have them and those that care for them often get the run of the mill when seeking financial support from insurance companies.

Having mental health problems puts a person at a high-risk category by insurance companies. Unfortunately, it is only determined by a yes or no question on whether you have or had mental health issues. If you say yes, the chance of being refused of being insured becomes very high.

The Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 has changed the game when it comes to refusing to provide insurance to those who have mental health problems. Generally, the law states that it is illegal to discriminate or to refuse service to people with disability who are affected on their day to day normal living capability.

This does not stop the insurance company from asking whether you have long-term mental health issues or not but it prevents them from rejecting you or making you pay a higher premium because of this. If this happens, you are entitled to make a complaint against them or seek legal advice.

Although mental health problems may be excluded in your policy and you are in full acceptance of that, insurance companies should not use this to deny paying out a claim for other medical problems you have if it is not related to your mental health issue. However, in case you did not declare that you have psychological problems at the time of application and the insurer later finds out about it, they can easily reject your claims.

Different kinds of insurances have different policies when it comes to mental health problems. The important thing to remember is that it should not be the reason for the insurance company’s rejection to insure you or to cover the claims you make. If you are worried about this matter, talk to your insurer first hand and fully disclose your condition so that you and your insurance company can get a better understanding of what the risks are.

If you are taking care of someone with a mental health problem and would like to insure them in case you are no longer around to provide care and assistance to them, check out insurances that specialize in mental health. You can find a long list of insurance companies online that offer this so it is best to check it out and compare rather than take your chances with the regular insurance.

Another alternative is to check what the government has to offer to your ward. The National Health Service covers mental health problems so if you cannot get any help from your private insurance, you can always turn to the NHS.

Mental health problems that have long-term adverse effects on the lives of those who have them also affect those who take care of them. There are benefits you can get from the government that may help ease the burden if insurance does not take care of it.

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